Linda Fosdick, Associate Broker

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Why Modern Homes Are More Affordable to Build

by Linda Fosdick 01/21/2022

Modern design is still alive and well in new construction. There are specific philosophies and style elements of modern design that have made the style so enduringly popular both with homeowners and with builders. However, with so many famous modern homes being owned by celebrities and prominent architects, you might wonder if it’s affordable for the average person. The good news is that modern design can be far less expensive than other style alternatives. Here’s what makes modern design affordable:

Modern Homes Have Simple Layouts

One of the most recognizable elements of modern design is the use of rectangular shapes and straight lines. Not only does this create a striking aesthetic, but it’s also cheaper to build. If your home design is made up entirely of rectangular rooms and facades, you will be looking at lower costs primarily because of quicker construction. If construction can move faster than planned, you’ll save a bundle on hourly labor, contractor salaries, rental amenities and more.

The interior layout and floor plan of the home can also have a significant effect on the overall cost. Modern homes use open floor plans with fewer walls and barriers. This means less work for the construction crew and potential to save money in the future because of overall energy efficiency.

Modern Homes Are Efficient

Over time a modern home with an efficient layout means lower utility bills. Open floor plans allow optimal circulation and airflow, reducing the amount of energy needed to heat or cool the home. Modern design also has a huge emphasis on windows—and lots of them! Some modern designs boast entire glass walls which can get expensive, but overall the amount of windows allows natural light to fill the space. Well-insulated vinyl windows will keep that cool or warm air inside, too.

Modern Design Avoids Expensive Details

“Less is more” has always been one of the biggest concepts in modern design that conveniently equals lower costs. In modern homes you won’t find a lot of embellishment, extra decorative furnishings or features. The focus on functionality and efficiency means no complicated trim, crown molding or ceiling reliefs. Everything is sleek and clean, which means it’s quicker and easier to build. Also, the lack of complex embellishment means less potential repairs in the future. Details can be expensive and time-consuming to maintain, and might even require hiring specialized help. The clean simplicity of modern design allows you to avoid all of those costs.

Modern Homes Use Functional & Affordable Materials

The practical simplicity of modern design is also more affordable because of the building materials. Many modern homes use widely available and inexpensive materials such as concrete, sheetrock, stucco and brick. Stone veneer is a popular modern option for creating accents alongside wood and glass. Even while avoiding complex embellishments, you can achieve some visually pleasing combinations by using contrasting materials.

No matter what style of house you’re wanting to build, there are ways you can save money. However, with modern design a lot of that savings is built right in. With the layouts, floor plans, simplicity and materials used, you’ll already save money compared to building a different style of home.