Linda Fosdick, Associate Broker

Lake Anna FAQ’s 

Q. Where is Lake Anna located?

A. Lake Anna is conveniently located close to major metropolitan areas, approximately 90 miles South of the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area, and less than an hour’s drive to Fredericksburg, Charlottesville and Richmond.

Q. How big is Lake Anna?

A.  Lake Anna is approximately 13,000 acres divided into two parts, one side (Public/Cold) is approximately 9,600 acres and the other (Private/Warm) is approximately 3,400 acres.

Q.  How would you describe the Lake Anna area?

A. Lake Anna is a peaceful, rural, laid-back getaway on a 13,000 acre lake. While close to three major metropolitan areas, the lake is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Q. Are there any restrictions to boat size on the lake?

A. No. There are no restrictions to size of boat, size of engine, nor time of day for boating or use of Personal Watercraft. The lake is great for waterskiing, wakeboarding and fishing.

Q. What do you mean by Public/Cold and Private/Warm sides of the lake?

A. The lake is divided into two parts to serve the function of the power plant. The main body of the lake provides water for use by the power plant to cool their steam pipes. There are a number of Marinas around the main lake that have launch ramps, so therefore that side has Public access. The water that exits the plant is warmer than when it went in, so the Private/Warm side of the lake is technically considered the “cooling lagoon”. The power company doesn’t allow any commercial activity on the shores of that side of the lake, therefore it is considered Private – accessible only to property owners and their guests.

Q. Is there any land left at Lake Anna to build on?

A. Surprisingly, less than 40% of Lake Anna is developed at this time. 

Q. If I buy a lot there, do I have to build within a certain time frame?

A. No, there is no requirement to build once you buy a lot. However, once you start building, many communities want you to finish within a reasonable amount of time.

Q. How big are the lots?

A. Most parcels of land are over .9 of an acre. We primarily have well and septic/drain fields as the norm here, so it takes that sized parcel to accommodate the location of the house and utilities.

Q. Which is the more desirable side of the lake?

A. That is totally based on personal preferences. The most significant differences are the Public side is larger, has public access, as well as current and future commercial ventures on the waterfront. The Public side tends to be busier than the private side. The Warm side is plenty big, just smaller than the main lake. There tends to be less boat traffic, but there will never be any marinas or waterfront restaurants on the private side of the lake.

Q. Can you boat from one side of the lake to the other?

A. No, the two sides of the lake are divided by permanent dikes and it is not possible to boat from one side to the other.

Q. Is there any difference in land or home value between the two sides of the lake.

A. No, there really isn’t any difference in value between the two sides. Even the County tax rates are very similar.

Q. Is it true that Lake Anna is man-made?

A. Yes, the lake was built in the early 1970’s to cool a nuclear power plant. The power plant is strictly regulated and monitored by a number of government agencies and poses no health hazards to the surrounding area or people.

Q. Does the lake level vary a lot?

A. No, unlike some lakes, our lake level normally only varies about 6-8 inches. The power plant controls the lake level with a dam on the South end of the lake.

Q.  Can you put a boathouse on the lake?

A. Definitely! The actual shoreline is owned by Dominion power – up to the 257 ft. elevation. However, they allow boathouses commensurate in size with the amount of shoreline. Once you have your plans and County building permit your submit the information to Dominion Power for their approval.

Q. If Dominion owns the shoreline, can I still use it?

A. Yes, the shoreline that conveys with your waterfront parcel, in effect, is yours to use as if you owned it. You can put your picnic table or your volleyball net or even your gazebo (with Dominion approval) on it, you just can’t build living quarters on that part of the property.

Q. Why do I hear mention of the Chesapeake Bay Act?

A. Spotsylvania County comes under the guidelines of the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act. In essence, this Act protects the lake and the shoreline. The biggest impact is that the first 100’ from the shoreline is protected. This means that there are some restrictions within that 100’ such as not removing large trees, or using fertilizers that would impact the quality of the lake water. Check the link for the actual regulations. The Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act

Q. Does Louisa or Orange Counties have the same restrictions?

A. Neither of those counties comes under the Chesapeake Bay Act. However, Louisa has instituted its own similar guidelines for protection of the lake. See the link to the Louisa Shoreline Management Plan.

Q. Can I buy a lot and just put a camper trailer on it?

A. Spotsylvania County specifically regulates against camping on unimproved lots. Louisa does not regulate against that, however, most of the communities do. There are a select few communities that will allow a camper, and some of them allow it for a portion of the year.

Q. How do I know which areas of the lake I should look at?

A. Call Me!! I know the lake area, which is crucial to finding you the right home or property. I will work closely with you to determine your priorities and from that we can decide which area meets your needs. Do yourself a favor . . . please use a local qualified Realtor®! Agents who do not live at the lake really don’t have the same expertise regarding the lake characteristics. I want to make sure you are a fully informed buyer and find the perfect place to enjoy your Lake Anna Lifestyle!