Linda Fosdick, Associate Broker

Lake Anna Real Estate For Sellers

The time has come; you need to sell your home. It seems relatively simple at first, the house sells, and then you have the dreaded task of packing and moving. But wait, there is so much more involved than that.  Honestly, until I took extensive additional training after getting my Realtor license, I had no idea just how complicated the process is. I have taken a number of courses specifically on the contract document, and have been amazed at how many pitfalls exist within its wording. The first thing you need is someone you trust who will protect YOU throughout this process.  

So, you interview agents, and are excited by the one that suggests the highest offer price – wouldn’t it be great to get that much for your home? Please don’t base your decision on the highest suggested offer price. Anyone can inflate numbers to earn your business. That’s not necessarily the agent who will get your house sold. An agent should bring you “comparables” of homes recently sold in your area. While this is not an appraised value of your home, it is a snapshot of what the current market is doing. It is so easy to think that because your neighbor sold their home last year and got $$$, yours should certainly bring more than that, right? Believe me, I wish it were so. Look for the agent who tells you what the current sales are doing, and take that into serious consideration when setting your sales price. You do want your home to sell, and the price is one of the biggest factors in making that happen. An overpriced home won’t sell. Remember, Buyers Agents are doing their job for their buyers, and they are going to tell those buyers whether or not your home is priced right. 

Choose your agent because you feel that they have the training and experience to get the job done while looking out for your best interests. Make sure you can communicate easily with your agent, that she listens to your needs, understands your goals and is committed to doing the necessary hard work to get your home sold.

If you are tempted to try “For Sale by Owner (FSBO)” or a limited services agency, let me first tell you that according to NAR's 2005 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, the home price for sellers who use an agent is 16 percent higher than for those who don't, and nine out of 10 home buyers use a real estate agent in the search process.   The number of FSBO’s has been trending downward for at least the last 10 years. There is more to selling a home than just getting it listed on the MLS. An agent does much more than will ever be apparent to you. She is networking, promoting and re-evaluating what the market is doing and how that impacts you. She’s aware of other homes for sale and what you need to do to compete for the buyers. When an offer comes in, you may not understand what seems to be a simple request from potential buyers, but your agent may see a red flag based on her knowledge of the contract and be able to advise you as to how you should respond to protect your interests. And reputation, you want an agent who is known for getting the job done, who respects her sellers (and buyers) and protects the interests of her client, and who other agents are happy to work with. (Good agents prefer to work with other good agents.)

Did you know that it takes 80 hours of training to become a real estate agent? Believe me, that’s not enough training to do the best job for you. I am a Graduate of the Realtor Institute (GRI), an Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR), and a Resort and Second Home Property Specialist (RSPS). These are designations that require a combination of additional training and specific sales qualifications. These designations are an indication of how seriously I take my duties, and how prepared I am to work for you.

I would like to be your trusted agent. I believe firmly in the Realtor® Code of Ethics, and feel a strong responsibility to bring my knowledge and training to the benefit of my clients. You are more to me than another potential sale. Serving my clients well is my devotion, and my commitment to you. Please call me at 540-872-6556, or write me at [email protected]. I look forward to working for you.